MIM: Time & Cost Advantages

MIM is an impressive saver of time and cost, in every step of the manufacturing process, compared to traditional methods of investment casting, die casting as well as conventional pressing and sintering. MIM technology shortens product development cycles (sometimes 20-30 minutes are reduced to 20-30 seconds) and expensive multiple stage machining operations are mostly not required, which further reduces time to finish components. Apart from the reduced time hassles, MIM technology also allows for molding intricate shapes very precisely, in a cost-effective manner.

MIM: Ultimate Design Freedom

MIM design eliminates design restrictions and does not warrant compromises in the design requirements of parts. Irrespective of the complexity of the design, MIM delivers highest precision in the finished product. With MIM, the component which is required is the component which is delivered. Unlike traditional metal forming technologies, MIM design is versatile and unrestrictive, granting ultimate freedom and flexibility to the designer. MIM technology shall be the choice when highly intricate metallic components with a finished part weight less than 100g is required. Technically, larger MIM parts weighing up to 453g can also be manufactured, if the budget allows for the same. Almost any shape or structure that can be produced using plastic injection molding can be achieved in metal using Metal Injection Molding.

MIM: High Density for Highest Strength & Tolerances

Metal Powder Injection Molding technology can achieve near full densities, as high as 99.5%. Compared to alternate methods, smoother, superior surface finishes are a trademark of the MIM process. While conventional powder metallurgy has its limitations, parts manufactured using MIM technology may be plated and heat-treated, similar to wrought alloys. MIM components display extreme strengths and integrity, which make them ideal candidates for high-vacuum applications.

Why MIM International?

We can design and manufacture complex MIM parts based on custom specifications. You may use our services as a contract manufacturer to execute your designs or make use of our expertise in MIM design. We can also deliver MIM components on an OEM basis.