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MIM technologies are revolutionary in the field of traditional manufacturing and machining methods. Besides greatly reducing the cost of production, Metal Injection Moulding technologies allow for large scale production of complex and intricate components.

The applications for MIM Parts are wide. To name a few, MIM parts are found to be extremely useful in the following sectors:

  • Medical: Laparoscopic instruments (graspers, dissectors, instrument handles etc), disposable surgical instruments
  • Dental/Orthodontics: Orthodontic brackets, orthodontic buccal tube system parts, dental manifold, dental implants, carriere distalisers etc
  • Telecommunications: Bushings & Bearings, Magnetic Components, Stainless Steel Components, Difficult Shapes & Structures
  • Avionics: Various intricate parts (eg. parts for missile guidance systems)
  • Automotives: Gear parts, Pump Components, Valve Plates, Rotors & Vanes, Cam Rings, Bearings, Magnetic Pole Pieces, General Accessories, Stainless Steel Components for Corrosive or Submerged Applications etc
  • Electronics: Bearings, Magnetic Components, Stainless Steel Components, Complex Shapes & Structures
  • Industrial: Couplers, Gears, Brake Components, Bearings & Bushing, Pulleys, Pole Pieces, Magnetic cores, Lugs, Gerotor Speed Reducer etc
  • Chemical Plants: Complex shapes of specific alloys to suit various chemical processes
  • Weaponry, Arms & Ammunitions: Hammers, trigger mechanisms for firearms etc
  • Home Appliances: Pulleys, Gears, Bushings & Bearings, Gerotor Speed Reducers, Bevel & Spur Gears, Dual & Cluster Gears etc
  • Tools & Instrumentation: Gerotor Speed Reducers, Gears, Bushings & Bearings, Cams, Guides, Clutches, Connecting Rods.....
  • Optical: Stainless steel fiber optic connectors
  • Textile Industry: Specific parts for machinery
  • Sports: MIM Components like Sprockets, Bearings, Gears, Gerotor Speed Reducers, Pump Components, Pulleys, Chain Rollers


MIM India Company can produce MIM parts for almost any industry, based on custom specifications. Please contact us, for more details regarding our MIM capabilities.